5 ways to stay in shape this summer

This summer, whether you choose to travel to an exotic locale or enjoy a staycation, here’s how to stay on top of your health while enjoying time off:

1.     Sneak in an early morning workout. Let them sleep in and steal away a few moments for your exercise and relaxation. Check out the hotel gym or enjoy a peaceful morning jog or a walk.

2.     Get the family involved in physical activity, and make it fun! You can rent bikes, compete with each other in the pool, and walk to the market or the local attractions instead of taking a cab.

3.     Pack your own snacks. Put some trail mix in individual bags and reach for protein-rich nuts, and other healthy snacks. Find the market as soon as you get to your destination and get some fresh produce to have on hand. Apples, oranges, and baby carrots make easy, healthy snacks.

4.     Drink plenty of water. Water will keep you hydrated and is calorie free. Remember to include the calories from that piña colada or any frozen drinks and cocktails in your daily calorie count.

5.     Eat smaller portions. Enjoy the local food, but in moderation. You probably won’t have room to store leftovers, so order appetizers or smaller dishes. Consider sharing a main dish, and definitely share any dessert.

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