Is it “just stress” or is it depression?


Q: Is it “just stress” or is it depression?

November 25, 2014

Stress is what we feel when there are demands made on us. Stress can lead to burn out, and a major symptom of burn out is when we begin to feel resentment towards those who are counting on us to perform a task. At work, it may be the customers we are expected to serve. Other symptoms of burn out are losing sleep, feeling tired much of the time, and having difficulty concentrating. It may eventually lead to clinical depression when you feel unhappy almost all of the time nearly every day and or are unable to find enjoyment in things that usually are enjoyable. Another sign is when these feelings last for at least two weeks. The pressure that you feel to get something done is a form of stress, how you handle it decides if you will end up feeling a sense of accomplishment or resentment. The early signs of too much stress are those of impending burn out, and that’s when we need to step back and reevaluate the situation. Maybe get some help from a counselor or maybe just a slight change in plans to allow others to lend a hand.

So, stress is the normal situation when we have a deadline to meet. Burn out is a pathological response to too much stress, and depression is an actual medical condition that needs treatment from a mental health professional.

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