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5 ways to stay in shape this summer

Stay on the healthy bandwagon while enjoying summertime fun.

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What is CoQ10 and what does it do?

CoQ10 might help protect your heart. Find out what it is and how to get it.

Diet & Nutrition

Sweet little lies

Innocently or not, added sugars in some of the foods we think are “healthy” can be ruining our efforts to improve our eating habits.

Diet & Nutrition

5 ways to achieve your healthiest weight

Find out how things like sleep and stress affect your weight.

Diet & Nutrition

Eating to manage diabetes

You can eat to help control blood sugar — and not be as limited as you’d think.

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Fiber for fabulous digestion: Eight tasty sources for Summer

Why eat more fiber? We’ll give you eight reasons fiber is good for you.

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Healthy holiday eats

Here are 5 ways to eat healthy while enjoying the holidays.

Diet & Nutrition

Lose weight, feel great

Want to lose weight to feel better, be healthier or prevent disease? A dietitian offers advice to help you on your journey.

Diet & Nutrition

Eight ways to balance your blood sugar

It’s not just for diabetics: Everyone can enjoy better health and more energy by balancing blood sugar levels. Learn tips to help you stay balanced.

Diet & Nutrition

Savvy ways to sneak superfoods into your diet

Nutrition expert Joy Bauer from NBC’s Today show was the keynote speaker at Speaking of Women’s Health in August 2014. Here are highlights of her talk on Superfoods.