How to thrive (not just survive)

KymDuntonJuly2015_155Are you feeling exhausted and spread so thin you might just disappear? Take some well-deserved “me time,” and join Kym Dunton, RN, in a lively session at Girls’ Day Out on August 15 focused on replenishing your energy and regaining your balance. Life is about thriving, not just surviving! Kym Dunton, RN, women’s health coordinator and nurse coach at Baptist Health will share tips and practical advice during her breakout session at Girls’ Day Out: Secrets of a Nurse Coach – How to be your most passionate self by rejuvenating mind, body and spirit!

Kym offered us a sneak peek of her session and shared five important pieces of advice for anyone seeking to live healthier, more fully and passionately. Here are the top five Secrets of a Nurse Coach (to learn more meet Kym at Girls’ Day Out on August 15 at 11:05 am).

Small changes can result in big payoffs
It’s okay to start small. You might need to do something as simple as eating breakfast or changing your exercise time to get your eating and exercise patterns in sync with your life. A small change can be the catalyst to establishing a healthier routine that changes your life.

Find creative ways to exercise
You don’t have to run a marathon, as fun as that might be, to make a difference in your vitality or your weight management. You might walk an extra mile, or start walking with Nordic poles. You might pick two days of the week when you swim or do aqua fitness instead of your regular routine. Did you know there is such a thing as the liquid gym? As an aerobics and aqua fitness instructor, Kym can speak to the advantages of various forms of exercise.

Practice mindfulness
Most of us associate mindfulness with long meditation sessions. But mindfulness is an approach to everything you do, from the way you walk to the way you chew your food. Paying attention to your body and making a mental note of how fast you reload your fork might give you important clues to things you can change in your day to day life.

Incorporate movement into your work day
Do you work all day at a desk? Do you stand up in one spot while you work? We’ll talk about finding practical ways to sneak in more movement and still get the job done. You might consider taking the stairs, parking farther away or moving your computer to a stand-up desk to combat the “sitting epidemic.”

Make time to relax
Relaxing should be easy, right? But who has time to relax? It won’t happen by itself – you have to work at finding time to relax. It’s all worth it, and your body, mind and spirit will thank you for taking the time. It’s important to replenish your energy and regain that sweet balance that will help you thrive — not just survive.

Learn more during Kym’s session. Don’t miss this exciting talk and other sessions by experts from Baptist Health and the Jacksonville community.

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