Total Control pelvic health program helps strengthen women’s core muscles

Total Control® is Baptist Health’s medically based exercise program designed to help women strengthen the core muscles that are essential for bladder control and quality of life.

Created by experts in the fields of urogynecology and physical therapy, this combination of classroom instruction and exercise helps you learn how to strengthen the three muscle groups known as the “pelvic pyramid.” These muscles are key to preventing or reducing bladder leakage, improving your posture and even flattening your stomach.

Be fit

When you improve your posture, your spine can properly support your skeleton and maintain proper alignment. As your core becomes stronger, you become more active and feel better.

Be sexy

Not only can these exercises can help you tone pelvic floor muscles, they can also help you feel more confident in the bedroom – and that can make for a healthier, happier life.

Be in control

Pelvic pyramid exercises may alleviate bladder control symptoms such as the “laugh, cough, sneeze and leak” problem. You can expect better sleep with fewer annoying nighttime bathroom interruptions.

Three-week program for women of all ages

The innovative Total Control program offers classroom instruction with trained professionals that guide you to actively cue the correct core muscles in the pelvic pyramid. A brief educational discussion is included in the one-hour workout to provide you with nutritional, behavioral, and lifestyle information.

Total Control classes:

Baptist South – Beginning January 17, 2018.

Baptist BeachesBeginning March 6, 2018.

Please stay tuned for new class dates.

To learn more, email or call 202.4her (4437).

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