Women’s Health

Wellness 4HER at every stage of life

Women often take care of everyone else first, and juggle multiple priorities before taking care of their own well-being. 4HER is here to remind you that thinking of your health is a wise and important thing to do. Here are easy ways to get you started.

202.4HER Health Care Navigation

Our navigation experts connect you with the healthcare resources you are seeking for themselves, as well as for those of their families, including finding just the right healthcare provider or enrolling in wellness programs. 904.202.4HER (4437).

Health Coaching 4HER

Feeling stressed? Problems with sleep? Want to lose weight?

Take advantage of our nurse-health coach, dedicated to women’s health matters, to help you focus on your own health and well-being.

A complimentary service designed for today’s busy woman, women’s health coaching is offered at the Riverside Y Healthy Living Center. Walk in, call 904.202.4HER, or email 4HER@bmcjax.com for an appointment.

4HER Events, Education and Unique Services

Wellness Wednesdays 4HER, held at the Riverside Y Healthy Living Center, are gatherings designed by women for women, jam-packed with the latest on women’s health and wellness. Featuring expert facilitators, Wellness Wednesdays are always fun, interactive experiences. Topics vary by week and typically there is no cost to attend – visit upcoming Classes and Events for details.

Total Control for pelvic health

Total Control ® is a three-week program that combines health education with exercise to help you strengthen your core. The goal is to keep the muscles that comprise your “pelvic pyramid” strong, helping you avoid incontinence and maintaining quality of life. Visit this page for more details.

Comprehensive Women’s Health Services

Baptist Health offers comprehensive medical care to support women’s health, including:

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