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Brandy beats breast cancer

A new treatment for breast cancer combines chemotherapy with antibodies.

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Kathy: A heart attack at 47 years of age

Women often delay getting emergency care with unusual symptoms that could be a heart attack. Learn how Kathy’s life was saved and how the event motivated her to turn her life around.

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Jane: Courage is surviving

When Jane Revis first heard she had cancer 23 years ago, she felt “devastation and denial.” It didn’t get any easier the second and third times. The difference came with knowing she had a team of people in her corner.

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Katie: Discovering her path to a healthy weight

Despite Katie Cox’s best efforts to lose weight through the years, the numbers on the scale kept creeping upward. Starting around age 18, she tried a variety of diets but nothing seemed to work for very long.

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Harriett: Active again after cancer treatment and colon repair

Harriett Sparkman was in her 60’s before she ever faced a serious health issue. Being diagnosed with lymphoma was a traumatic experience, but she got through it with her strong faith and support from friends and family.

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Susan: Back in the saddle — and cancer free

Susan Edwards knew something wasn’t quite right. She was losing weight and noticed swelling in her lower abdomen. With a history of cancer in her family, she got it checked out right away.

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Ute: Bouncing back after robot-assisted surgery

Robotic surgery gave Ute Jackson an effective option with less pain and faster recovery from gynecologic surgery. “I wasn’t in much pain afterwards,” Ute said.

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Renee: Single-site robotic surgery virtually eliminates scars

When Renee Clark learned she needed gallbladder surgery, two things came to mind — a big scar and a long recovery. Fortunately, her doctor explained the surgery could be performed robotically, with just one tiny incision in the navel.

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Teresa: Early detection means timely treatment

Teresa’s timely mammogram revealed a lump that turned out to be cancer. Early detection allowed for prompt treatment.

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Joy: Finding her freedom from Afib

Joy found her freedom from Afib. New treatment options changed her life.

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Valarie: waking up to a new life

Emergency surgery saved Valarie’s life after a bleeding stroke. A silver lining made her experience even more remarkable.

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Charu: Speaking up for others after a stroke

Charu’s road to recovery after a stroke led her to speak up for others.

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